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Does the Bible Say Same Sex Attraction is Sin?

is same sex attraction sinful?

Although some would argue that any same sex relationship is a good thing if it doesn’t harm anyone, in Christian circles there is usually a more clandestine approach to encourage acceptance of the gay lifestyle. This approach says that same sex attraction itself is not a sin, it is following through on the attraction that is the sin. In other words, to be attracted to the same sex is not a sin as long as one does not act on those impulses.

In one sense, there is a difference between the gravity and consequences of following through on the attraction, but the real question is whether desires themselves can be sinful?

People will often differentiate the issue between orientation and behavior. Some people will say that it is not sinful to be a “gay Christian.” It is only necessary to live celibate. However, there are two significant reasons that same sex attraction should be regarded as sinful, and not only homosexual action.

Same sex attraction is wrong because it is sin to desire what God has forbidden.

God has forbidden homosexual relationships due to (1) the creation pattern, and (2) biblical imperative; therefore, it is wrong to desire a homosexual relationship. It is always wrong to desire what God has forbidden.

This same principle is applicable in many different arenas. Whether it be desiring your neighbor’s spouse, desiring to have your neighbor’s possessions, any form of coveting—all of these are wrong at the level of desire because they are a desire for what we have no right to pursue. This is the entire point of the 10th commandment. There are things which it is inherently wrong to desire.

Because of the Fall, we are all tempted by various forms of sin and in various ways. But, it is never okay to think that because a desire is more natural for some rather than others, then it can’t be sin for those people. This kind of thinking fails to account for the noetic effects of the Fall. Some people are more predisposed to desiring things because we live in a sinful and fallen world.

Same sex attraction is sin because desire and lust are interchangeable in biblical terms.

Some people argue that there is a difference between desire and lust. Lust is sometimes construed as uncontrolled desire. However, biblical vocabulary does not differentiate between lust and desire.

For example, note Matt 5:27-28:

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery’; but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Here in Matthew 5, the word for “lust” is epithumeo which simply means a desire. However, because it is a desire for something God has forbidden, it is translated as lust in our translations because that lets us know it is a bad desire that should not be allowed.

Compare 1 Timothy 3:1:

It is a trustworthy statement: if any man aspires to the office of overseer, it is a fine work he desires to do.

The fine work that “he desires” uses the same verb, epithumeo. The verb is used for both good and bad desires. We use different terms in our English translations (lust, desire) because of context, but ultimately it is desire that is in view.

What these examples illustrate is that it is wrong to say homosexual desire is okay, as long as one does not lust. Lust is simply desiring what we have no right to.

Therefore, in light of these two points, homosexual desire (orientation) is indeed sinful and should be addressed just like the one who is more naturally inclined to alcohol or fornication. We must realize where the battles against sin are to be fought—and that is in the mind.

Understanding that homosexual desires are sinful does not mean that Christians cannot struggle with those desires. And it also does not mean that if someone struggles with same sex attraction that they are the worst of sinners! We live in a fallen world, and the church must provide counseling and help for those who struggle with every sin. Struggling with particular sins does not make a believer less valuable or degraded. That is because a believer is not identified as a gay Christian, or an alcoholic Christian, or a perverted Christian. A true believer is identified as a Christian because of their foundational identity in Christ. That is who they are, and that alone is their identity.

For those interested in even more detailed discussion on this issue, I would commend this article on same sex attraction by Denny Burk. He also has a followup, “If same sex attraction is sinful, then what?

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Peter serves at Shepherd's Theological Seminary in Cary, NC as the professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages. He loves studying the Bible and helping others understand it. He also runs The Bible Sojourner podcast and Youtube channel.


  • Gordon Opp

    I’m 71 years old and have been faithfully married for 45 years. I’ve been blessed with 3 children and 5 grandchildren. I became a Christian as a child. I never chose to be sexually attracted to the same gender. For most of my life I believed homosexual attraction was a developmental issue beginning in the first several years of life. I begged God to show me the roots of it and deliver me from it. Of course it is a result of the fall and therefore something we must regard as against our Creator’s design and plan for our lives. However, any serious Christian wanting to really understand the struggle must acknowledge that we do not know how it happens that unwanted same-sex attraction occurs. Dr Mark Yarehouse has researched homosexual desire in Christians for many years. If you’re going to write and preach on this, you need to listen (not necessarily agree) to what he has to say. Homosexuality: A Christian View. Your article, as well as Denny Burk’s, does not go deep enough to offer much to those of us who have to live with this daily. Decades ago, my younger brother told me to get on my knees and repent until any homosexul attraction goes away. His insistance that the attraction is sin, totally divided us. He died early without us ever comming together about it. I heard your recent interview with Brady Cone. I love what you said about the Old Testament. I’m actually a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and BIOLA University (Many years ago). So God’s word, written and within us, of course is our authority and I certainly have been obedient from the heart since my youth. However, along with Paul in chapter 7, I find sin still indwells me. God knows my heart. I do not pursue a homosexul identity in any way whatsoever. My identity is in Christ. Years ago I memorized Romans 6-8. That’s who I am. Nevertheless, in spite of a 45 year successful marriage, I still experience unwanted same-sex attraction. It is possible that my physical brain was wired that way from conception just like yours is wired being attracted to the female gender. Who knows? Is it nature or nurture? Science doesn’t know. After years and years of research, Christians don’t really know either. I live with it as my “affliction” for which our Lord is totally sufficient to guide me through until I’m glorified. However, I can not live on my knees asking God to take my aflliction because you or anyone else beleives it is a sin I need to repent of.

  • GraceWorx

    Well written. I started to wonder in the beginning what your stand on the topic would be – but obviously you’re a great writer who has put much thought and research into your topics.

  • Alexander Krause

    Your article has left some questions in my mind about a tangential issue you mentioned. Could you clarify your stance on this matter? You say: homosexual desire (orientation) is indeed sinful and should be addressed just like the one who is more naturally inclined to alcohol or fornication.
    What is your (or the institution where you teach), stance on alcohol consumption? What are you saying by “naturally inclined to alcohol?” I have not heard this terminology used in Christian circles. Later you mention “an alcoholic Christian.” The term “alcoholic” is not a biblical one and needs defining. As far as I know, it is a sociological construct which may or may not relate to biblical prohibitions against drunkenness.
    I agree with the thrust of what you are saying and agree with your main point but I would like to see where you stand on the “alcohol issue.”

  • Peter Goeman

    Thanks for your thoughts, Josiah. I am sorry if I did not come across as clearly in the article as I had hoped. Biblically, I don’t think there is a differentiation between desire and lust. I also use “Same Sex Attraction” in the cultural sense, meaning someone who is oriented to desire an intimate relationship with someone of the same sex. However, there is nothing wrong with finding girls pretty or guys handsome (that is part of the enjoyment of God’s creation). But, it is sin to desire an intimate “one-flesh” kind of relationship with someone who is not your wife (whether it be same sex or opposite sex). Hope that makes sense and clarifies things.

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