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    The Bible and Eating Humans—Cannibalism?

    Okay, weird title. But, this is a question that came up recently, and it is an interesting theological exercise. Is eating human flesh wrong? We are not talking mainly about overt cannibalism, where one commits murder in order to eat human flesh (which is clearly wrong). We are mainly talking about surviving on a boat or in the mountains and the survivors eating humans (who have already died) to survive. For example, the survivors of the 1972 plane crash in the Andes who ate their companions to survive. Is it wrong for a Christian to eat human beings who have already died in order to survive? Read More

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    What is the Longest Book of the Bible?

    There are 1,189 chapters in the English bible, and 31,103 verses. But which book of the Bible is longest? I am at least partially motivated to write this blog post on the issue of the longest book of the Bible because it makes such a great trivia question! But, it also helps puts things in perspective for what you can expect when reading through the Bible. There are a variety of ways to calculate the longest book of the Bible. You can count chapters, verses, or words. You could also technically make a differentiation between Greek or Hebrew, and the common English translations that we use. Of course, it should…

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    Biblical Studies Carnival 178 (December 2020)

    Happy New Year! There were many people who could not wait to put 2020 behind them, and with the turning of the calendar page, 2021 is officially here! Time will tell what 2021 will bring. But in the meantime, here is the first Biblical Studies Carnival of 2021—number 178! For those of you who might not be familiar, a Biblical Studies Carnival is a showcase of blog posts from the previous month in the area of biblical studies. It is organized by Phil Long (from Reading Acts), and last month’s carnival (#177) was hosted by Bobby Howell. I hosted #170 for the month of April in 2020, and to start…

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    Most Read Posts in 2020

    It is the end-of-the-year, which brings with it the semi-obligatory posts of most visited articles this year. So, here are the ten most read posts on the Bible Sojourner for 2020. #1 David as a Man after God’s Own Heart (1 Sam 13:14) This was the most visited post in 2020 by a lot! Apparently a lot of people are searching for, “What does it mean to be a man after God’s own heart?” #2 What Was the Population of the Earth Before the Flood? This was a post I wrote awhile back, but it is a topic that a lot of people are searching for. It is a short…

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    A Tribute to Every Mother and their Special Role

    Happy Day of the Mother (aka Mother’s Day)! This Sunday marks a special day as we commemorate the value of mothers in the lives of our families. I have stated before that being a mother is very important. In a culture which attempts to mitigate the differences between males and females, these are special opportunities to point out that children relate differently to fathers than they do to mothers. God has designed the role of mom to be integral to the upbringing of children. Barna recently released a survey which looks at the relationship of teenagers and their mothers. I think the observations can be applied to children of all…

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    Calvin and Luther on Greek and Hebrew

    Almost two weeks ago I had the privilege of being a part of our Far West Regional ETS conference. I presented a paper on the importance of Greek and Hebrew for Martin Luther and John Calvin. It was a lot of fun researching, and I hope it encourages those thinking about ministry. In essence, the paper proposes that without attention to the original languages of Greek and Hebrew, the Reformation would never have happened. It was the return to attention to detail in the original languages that prompted the break from the Church of Rome, which had drifted into stark heresy. Although not everyone has the opportunity to learn Greek…

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    God Looks at the Heart

    One day at the beginning of the semester, while I was a student at the Master’s College, I was working out at the campus fitness center and I noticed a fellow student working out. He was the same height as me, but bigger than I was, weighing in about 210 LBS. He had scraggly facial hair and what appeared to be a strong work ethic. I said hello to him and found out he was on the baseball team with us and had just transferred in from a Junior College out of state. My immediate thought was this: “Let’s see here… big guy who works out a lot, transfer from…