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    What is Racism According to the Bible?

    Accusations of racism and racist behavior are commonplace in the news today. Many view racism as on the rise in America. Poll data from Gallup indicates that at least some Americans view race relations between whites and blacks at a current low point over a 20 year span. Because racism is a subject prevalent in the public eye, we need to discuss what racism actually is (biblically speaking), and how Christians should think about it. Read the Whole Article

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    7 Potential Social Media Snares for the Christian

    There are many reasons to believe that social media is here to stay. Social media provides an incredible opportunity to connect with family and friends, or to keep an eye on the news, sports, and weather. It is estimated that this year, 2.82 billion people will be involved on social media. Social media is immensely popular among the younger generation, with 16-24 year-olds spending over three hours a day on social media. Read the Whole Article

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    Slavery Reparations and the Christian

    Slavery reparations are all the rage right now. This week there was a House hearing on reparations, and there were a variety of celebrity testimonies, including Danny Glover and Burgess Owens arguing for or against reparations. This conversation has really ignited over the last year. When the culture takes aim at a topic, the Christian needs to be equipped to think through the issues from a biblical worldview. On the issue of whether slavery reparations are to be implemented, I think there are a couple issues to consider. Read the Whole Article

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    Wisdom in the Bible and the ANE

    Old Testament scholars have noted an interesting overlap in ANE wisdom literature. On the one hand you have a book like Proverbs, which is divinely inspired and a special part of the Canon. But on the other hand you have sources like Amenemope, an Egyptian collection of wisdom sayings, which is polytheistic. Perhaps shockingly some of the statements in the Egyptian wisdom parallel what we would find in Proverbs. Note the following examples. Wealth is Not Everything Better is poverty in the hand of the god, than wealth in the storehouse; Better is bread with a happy heart, than wealth with vexation (Amenemope 9.5-9). Better is a poor man who…

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    A Tale of Two Mothers and Two Mindsets

    Different mothers have different mindsets. Last week my wife (who herself mothers two children quite well) directed me to an article on parenting in the Washington Post. In the article, a mother was confronted by her 4th grade daughter for writing about her and posting her pictures all over the internet for her articles. As I read through the article, I was struck by the thought process of the mother. She acknowledges that she had to intentionally fight against the peer pressure of mothers to sacrifice for their kids. She knows that most mothers or fathers in her position stop writing about their kids to protect their privacy and allow…

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    Is it Wrong for the Christian to Drink Alcohol?

    To drink or not to drink? Yes, today I tread into dangerous waters by discussing the Christian and whether its okay to drink alcohol. First, a disclaimer. I grew up in the Midwest where it was culturally taboo to drink, smoke, or chew; or hang with girls that do! (As the saying goes). When I moved to California, people tended to emphasize Christian “liberty” more, and thus tended to exercise their liberty to drink wine or beer. This difference in atmosphere prompted me to examine the issue of drinking and the Christian’s responsibility. I wanted to share some of that fruit with you. Read the Whole Article

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    13 Practical Steps to Improve Self-Discipline

    It seems to me that self-discipline is the forgotten fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23). Yet all the great men and women of God seem to be marked by it. On that point, I am often reminded of the importance of discipline by this quote from Dr. Martyn-Lloyd Jones: I defy you to read the life of any saint that has ever adorned the life of the Church without seeing at once that the greatest characteristic in the life of that saint was discipline and order. Invariably it is the universal characteristic of all the outstanding men and women of God…. Obviously it is something that is thoroughly scriptural and absolutely essential (Spiritual…

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    Taxation is Theft

    The phrase, “Taxation is theft” has become a bit of a mantra for more and more Christians. This is partially due to the influence of the libertarian political philosophy in the Christian sphere. Libertarianism has received increasing support from Christians, partially due to the last political cycle and the efforts for increased governmental control in the United States. Although it would be helpful to discuss the philosophy of Libertarianism in general, in this post I am only interested in dealing with the subject of whether or not taxation is theft. Just to show that this is indeed a contemporary issue, consider some of the recent quotes on this issue: “The…

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    Transgender Ideology Has Significant Problems

    Transgender advocacy, supporting the belief that anyone can choose any gender, is a popular issue in culture today. Mainstream culture promotes the idea that people should be able to identify gender by feeling and not by biological sex. Further, this same culture teaches that society needs to support those individuals who make the decision to switch genders. However, not only is this completely irrational, but it is entirely unbiblical. Scripture is clear—God created humankind as male and female (Gen 1:27). Thus, it is God who determines the sexes, and therefore determines the gender. Gender cannot be separated from one’s biological sex. To believe otherwise is completely ludicrous. From a Christian…