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    Why Everyone Should Discriminate

    “We never discriminate!” “Discrimination is evil!” Such cries are part of the culture today, yet I challenge the sanity of such claims. First of all, what exactly is discrimination? Meriam-Webster’s dictionary defines the verb “discriminate” as follows: As transitive verb: • to mark or perceive the distinguishing or peculiar features of • to distinguish, differentiate • to distinguish by discerning or exposing differences: to recognize or identify as separate and distinct Read the Whole Article

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    How to Be Thankful in a Thankless Culture

    As culture continues to disassociate itself from moral authority, as a society we are becoming less and less thankful. This makes sense since not giving thanks to God is a mark of a godless society (Rom 1:21). On the other hand, Christians are to be marked by contains thanksgiving (Phil 4:6; 1 Tim 4:4). Thus, in honor of our Thanksgiving, I want to give three simple ways to train yourself to be thankful in a thankless culture. Read the Whole Article

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    The Christian and Fiction

    Growing up I remember some people in my church telling me that the books about Harry Potter were from the Devil, and no Christians should read them. I didn’t really pay too much attention to the debate because I was not interested in those books at that time anyway. However, as I grew older I became much more of a reader. I currently try to read every day, and read from a wide variety of genres. The last year and a half I stepped up my fiction reading, and have completed the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs (John Carter Series), J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter), and Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson).…

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    Should Christians be Pacifists?

    Earlier this week I listened to a debate on whether or not Christians should ever engage in violence. The discussion was a good one, and is worth thinking through. A pacifist believes that a Christian should not engage in violence. To the pacifist, Christ’s command to love one’s enemy prohibits them from doing violence to them (Matt 5:44). After all, it is kind of hard to love your enemy while you are beating him up or killing him. To the pacifist then, there is never any justification for aggressive self-defense or for fighting in wars. I want to approach this subject and examine a few biblical texts that hold application…

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    God Looks at the Heart

    One day at the beginning of the semester, while I was a student at the Master’s College, I was working out at the campus fitness center and I noticed a fellow student working out. He was the same height as me, but bigger than I was, weighing in about 210 LBS. He had scraggly facial hair and what appeared to be a strong work ethic. I said hello to him and found out he was on the baseball team with us and had just transferred in from a Junior College out of state. My immediate thought was this: “Let’s see here… big guy who works out a lot, transfer from…

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    Should Women Wear Head Coverings?

    If you walk into almost any church in North America this Sunday you will not see many (if any) women wearing a head covering. However, 1 Cor 11:2-16 seems to indicate that head coverings should be worn by women during the church service. To further complicate matters, one of the reasons given in 1 Cor 11 is because of God’s created order. If Paul is supporting head coverings from the created order, are we not obligated to continue this practice which all the churches of Paul’s time observed (1 Cor 11:16)? Read the Whole Article

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    How to Deal with Conflict as a Christian

    Every relationship known to mankind has the potential for conflict. Thank Adam and Eve for that. Granted, some conflicts can be minor, but sadly some can be major. The pressing issue in relationships is not if there is conflict, but rather how to deal with it so that only minor conflicts remain. Scripture obviously gives important instruction on dealing with conflict. One of the best verses on dealing with conflict is Prov 15:1, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” It is very important to speak kindly and softly when possible. There are so many escalated conflicts that could have been avoiding if both…

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    Book Review: What is the Meaning of Sex?

    This weekend I decided to read a book which was recommended by Al Mohler and Russell Moore entitled, What is the Meaning of Sex, by Denny Burk, published by Crossway. I picked it up from the local library not really knowing much about Denny Burk. Denny Burk is a PhD graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and currently is a professor at Boyce College (the undergraduate program of SBTS). He is an associate pastor in Louisville, KY, and edits The Journal for Biblical Manhood & Womanhood. He also blogs at dennyburk.com. Read the Whole Article