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    Loving by Leaving Rather than Staying (Prov 25:17)

    As Christians, we always are trying to get better at loving other people. To love one another is, according to Christ, the tell tale sign of being a believer (John 13:35). In contrast to viewing love as a mere feeling, Christians understand there is a deeper definition of love (1 Cor 13:4-7). Love meets the needs of others. Love exalts others. Love seeks the betterment of others. Through everything, biblical love is the supreme element in healthy, God-honoring relationships. Read the Whole Article

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    Where Does Conflict in Relationships Come From?

    Relationships always involve sinners. Since sinners sin, conflict is inevitable in all relationships and we need to deal with it. Because of the ubiquitous nature of conflict, we also need to understand it. One of the most pertinent passages to know with regard to conflict is James 4:1-3. James 4:1-3 addresses the source of conflict in relationships. 1. Conflict comes from within (James 4:1a) The first point worth noting is that conflict arises from within—from the heart! Understanding a biblical theology of the heart helps solidify this point. Read the Whole Article

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    What is Racism According to the Bible?

    Accusations of racism and racist behavior are commonplace in the news today. Many view racism as on the rise in America. Poll data from Gallup indicates that at least some Americans view race relations between whites and blacks at a current low point over a 20 year span. Because racism is a subject prevalent in the public eye, we need to discuss what racism actually is (biblically speaking), and how Christians should think about it. Read the Whole Article