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    What is the Catholic View of Salvation?

    A question I occasionally get is what the difference is between the Catholic Church and the Evangelical church. Isn’t the Catholic Church just another option for where to go to church, based on the preference of the individual? To many people it is. However, the Catholic Church officially holds to beliefs which do not align with what the Bible teaches, and therefore it is not a true church. In fact, the Catholic Church is a pseudo-church which is leading millions of people to hell. Read the Whole Article

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    Avignon: the Black Mark on the Catholic Papacy

    One of the central doctrines in the Catholic Church is that of the papacy. According to Catholic theology, the pope is the successor of Peter, forming a link of apostolic succession back to that apostle. Although there are many other differences between Catholics and evangelicals, the Catholic view of the papacy is a major dividing line in Christianity. Catholics believe that each pope has “the totality and supremacy of the power Christ left on earth for the building up of the kingdom of God.” The idea of the authority of the papacy is integral to Catholic doctrine, since each pope is entrusted with the divine guidance of the Church. However, history…

  • Old Testament

    Who is the Queen of Heaven in Jeremiah?

    Those who are willing to read through the lengthy prophet Jeremiah will come across a phrase which is not mentioned elsewhere—the queen of heaven (cf. Jeremiah 7:18; 44:17-19, 25). Although the Queen of Heaven is mentioned in Catholic writings, it is used there as a reference to Mary, mother of Jesus. Catholics do not wish to equate their usage of “Queen of Heaven” with the book of Jeremiah. However, one cannot miss the subtle irony that the phrase queen of heaven in Jeremiah is a clear reference to idolatry, which is the very same charge leveled against Catholicism and their veneration of Mary. Read the Whole Article

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    Is the Pope Biblical?

      We teach and declare that it is a dogma of faith that the Roman Pontiff … is not able to err when, exercising his office as supreme teacher of all Christians, he defines, by his apostolic authority, what must be held as belonging to the faith or must be rejected as contrary to the faith by the universal Church in matters of faith and morals; and his decrees or judgments, irreformable of themselves, must be accepted and held with the full submission of faith as soon as one becomes aware of them (James O’Connor, The Gift of Infallibility, pg 7). Read the Whole Article